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 00.00: The Broadsheet

 01.00: Colin's A to Z of Pop

 02.00: NEO

 03.00: Happy Hour

 04.00: The Broadsheet

 05.00: Colin's A to Z of Pop

 06.00: NEO

 07.00: Happy Hour

 08.00: The Broadsheet

 09.00: Colin's A to Z of Pop

 10.00: NEO

 11.00: Happy Hour

 12.00: The Broadsheet

 13.00: Colin's A to Z of Pop

 14.00: NEO

 15.00: Happy Hour

 16.00: The Broadsheet

 17.00: Colin's A to Z of Pop

 18.00: NEO

 19.00: Happy Hour

 20.00: The Broadsheet

 21.00: Colin's A to Z of Pop

 22.00: NEO

 23.00: Happy Hour

Ian Bellion’s HAPPY HOUR

Things you never knew, things you never wanted to know all served up with a twist and (sometimes) a shout. Lovely music and lively local banter. Put your feet up, pour a soothing beverage and relax…                                      

TODAY: He’s behind you - Oh yes he is!   

Come with your wicked Uncle Abanazar to Panto Land and find out which festive fantasy promises the most fun and frolics for a fantastic family outing. We’ll also find the truth about the fairy quizmaster and what’s inside our crackers.

Listen Live at 3am; 7am; 11am; 3pm; 7pm; 11pm or

ON DEMAND     Updates weekly on Mondays.

Colin James’ A - Z of pop

Colin embarks on a musical journey with a brand new selection of toe tappers - every programme features a letter of the alphabet… but not necessarily in alphabetical order!

TODAY: T is for…..     NEW                             

Colin’s hopped on to T - he’s spinning some 45s - and they’re all ready for T… which could stand for Tinsel, Teddy Boys or Temperence Seven… but probably doesn’t.

Listen Live at 1am; 5am; 9am; 1pm; 5pm; 9am or



We’re off to church with the pupils of Feckenham First School for an informal service conducted by Swansbrook’s Rev Gary Crellin. Everybody gets to sing or recite- a happy celebration at the end of term.

Listen Live at 2am; 6am; 10am; 2pm; 6pm; 10pm or


Mini Neo - A pocket sized version of Thea Matthews’ latest new music programme - a taster. You can listen to the full programme by pressing the NEO On Demand button! Listen Live at 2.40am; 6.40am; 10.40am; 2.40pm; 6.40pm 10.40pm

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mastering service

Stuart Knowles presents a regular programme of stories and news, features and views.      

TODAY: Battery gone flat?                   

Lots of hot village news. The hunt is on for a new Parish Council Clerk.  Additional safety improvements on the Saltway have to wait until there’s more cash. News on the Trees on the Square. Will the large battery storage unit be going ahead? The history of the Shoebox appeal and, most importantly of all, news on our Christmas bin collections….

Listen Live at midnight; 4am; 8am; 12pm; 4pm; 8pm or



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