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How’s Your Garden?

It’s Flower and Garden Festival time in Feckenham on 19th and 20th May and we’re watering our wisteria and tidying our tussocks with the dedicated gardeners of Feckenham. Paul Furey introduces some of the people making their private gardens available for inspection by the thousands of visitors expected over the two days of the Festival. There are 34 gardens open as well as a Flower festival in the Church - we’re catching up with some of the gardeners, finding out some secrets and playing some horticultural hits.

Listen Live at 2am; 6am; 10am; 2pm; 6pm; 10pm or


Stuart Knowles presents a regular programme of stories and news, features and views.


Stuart investigates the possible siting of a huge battery pack on the Saltway. Is it safe? Is the Borough Council listening? Move over Prince Harry and Meghan – Gary Crellin reports on the ‘wedding of the season’ right here in Feckenham.. And, just who has been dumping dog poo in the hedgerow?

Listen Live at midnight; 4am; 8am; 12pm; 4pm; 8pm or


Colin James’ A - Z of pop

Colin continues his musical journey with a brand new selection of toe tappers - every programme features a letter of the alphabet… but not necessarily in alphabetical order!


We’re up to S - which stands for Sun, Sea, Sangria and Some Super Music from over 50 years ago when life seemed  Oh-so-simple. So, if we consider inflation, if we had £100 converted from 1950 to 2018 we would have just over £9000 in today’s money (excluding decimalisation, of course).

Listen Live at 1am; 5am; 9am; 1pm; 5pm; 9am


THE BROADSHEET How's Your Garden

Ian Bellion’s HAPPY HOUR

Things you never knew, things you never wanted to know all served up with a twist and (sometimes) a shout. Lovely music and lively local banter. Put your feet up, pour a soothing beverage and relax…                                      


Join Ian in the Swansbrook popup studio in the High Street. We talk to gardeners, flower girls, visitors, singers and sports commentators as Feckenham welcomes thousands of horticultural enthusiasts for the Great Flower and Garden show.

Listen Live at 3am; 7am; 11am; 3pm; 7pm; 11pm or

ON DEMAND     Updates weekly on Mondays.