Radio Feckenham’s own Radio for Feckenham and the surrounding area


SWANSBROOK RADIO is an internet only radio station. You can listen to our schedule of programmes by clicking the PLAY button on the player at the head of each page of this website.

You can also listen to many of our programmes and features at times to suit yourself -  just go to our ON DEMAND page and select the item you want to hear.

Let us keep you updated…

When we add a new programme we’ll e-mail you to let you know. To register just click the “Register” button -  this will open your e-mail programme -  press “Send” and the job’s done!

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Meet us at The Wake - our studio wiull be on The Square - look for the big swans!
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HAPPY HOUR 23rd Jan Feb 2018 Shirley Bassey Marie Morgan Jane Bull Rubbish CRACKERS Parish Clerk Rachel Maclean MP Postman's Party Smartwater 2 Butcher's Award Moors Ln. Allotments Droitwich Food Bank Wake Cars 2017 Feck Sessions BROADSHEET No 12 July 2017 Past editions Cricket Success Battery Row Aug 2017 BROADSHEET No 11 HAPPY HOUR 26th Mar HAPPY HOUR 9th Apr HAPPY HOUR 16th Apr Sept 2017 February 2018 HAPPY HOUR 7th May Mar 2018 Scarecrows 2017 HAPPY HOUR 28th May VASCAMS Nov 2017 HAPPY HOUR 18th Jun HAPPY HOUR 5th Mar BROADSHEET No 16 HAPPY HOUR 19th Mar A-Z of Pop - B HAPPY HOUR 2nd April A-Z of Pop - T Suite for The Fallen Soldier Concert School Parking Shop Boss HAPPY HOUR 23rd Apr Jan 2018 HAPPY HOUR 30th May A-Z of Pop - E HAPPY HOUR 21st May A-Z of Pop - M HAPPY HOUR 14th May A-Z of Pop - W HAPPY HOUR 4th June HAPPY HOUR 11th June A-Z of Pop - P HAPPY HOUR 12th Mar A-Z of Pop - R KIDNAPPERS RADIO Colin's Mid 60s Apr 2018 BROADSHEET No14 A-Z of Pop (L) Wyn Beynon May 2018 A-Z of Pop (S) BROADSHEET No 15 HOW'S YOUR GARDEN Garden Fest Special School Wedding Battery Planning A-Z of Pop - F A-Z of Pop - Z